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What is it?

Underwriting is sponsorship or financial support of GrassRoots Community Network and its programming. GrassRoots Community Network likes to recognize its supporters by offering underwriting message opportunities. These are positive promotional messages that let the viewers know you support GrassRoots Community Network. Think of it more like a public relations message than an ad. Please take a look at the Underwriting Message Content page for all the information you can include in your underwriting.


•  Video with audio and graphics   •  Product placement

•  Picture/logo and audio   •  Event sponsorship

•  Mention by a show host   •  Banner at location events

•  On set signage   •  Or we can get creative


What will it do for me?

•  It will broadcast a positive promotional message to thousands of local viewers

•  It offers your business an undiscovered addition to your marketing mix


What is it?

•  As a station sponsor your underwriting message will reach all GrassRoots TV12 viewers

•  This is our most affordable video underwriting opportunity


Any Rules?

The on-air message can only have factual information without a direct call to action.

You Can Have:

• Logo, still photos, video of a business location or service activity

• Contact information, location, phone number, and website

• Established business slogan or tag line –“One Name, One Team, One Focus, …You” – Chaffin & Light

• A business purpose –“To deliver extraordinary healthcare in an environment of excellence, compassion, and trust.” - AVH

• Objective substantiated fact about your business -“We carry K2 skis”

Business Underwriting on GrassRoots Community Network

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