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GrassRoots Staff


John Masters, Executive Director

L.A. Nice except for the smog. Traffic. Crowds. Concrete.
Eugene. Wet. Green. Degrees in telecom and business. Go Ducks.
Alone through Europe.
Dana Point. Before the Ritz. Pump gas. Surf.
Mammoth. Ski. Climb. Fish. Golf. Three TV stations. A thousand productions.
Aspen. Ski. Climb. Bike. Drive a cab. Marry, two kids, several dogs.
W/J, Ruedi, Basalt, Carbondale.
Own production company. Start another station. A thousand productions.
The Cape, Alaska, NYC, Mexico, California, Utah. Canyons. Mesas. More canyons.
GrassRoots. Free expression. No judgment. Rebuild. Reinvent. Reinvigorate. Extend.
Up the Crystal. Landscape. Big old truck. Small inflatable kayak. Zen. One dog.
Kids in college, Boulder and LA. Primate consciousness and sustainable engineering.
Pop-up trailer. Camp. More canyons. Ski.
GrassRoots. Evolve now. Social ecology. Network, interconnect, cooperative symbiosis.


Amy Gab, CGTV Station Manager

Born and raised in the beautiful Black Hills permitted me to enjoy the outdoors and instilled a very deep appreciation for our environment.


While in high school I became very interested in video production. This interest led me to the doors of KNBN of NBC News.  Eventually launching my own wedding videography company until I moved to pursue my BA of Psychology at the University of Hawaii. Upon graduating I accepted a new life in Turkey, ultimately fulfilling my childhood dreams and career goals of training marine mammals.


Eventually longing for change I moved from beach after beach to the mountains six short years ago. Hired as a CGTV Technical Director in November of 2013 I started directing government meetings. Weeks later I accepted the role as Grassroots Ch. 12 Studio Manager and in only a few short months was offered to take on the role as Ch. 11 CGTV Station Manager.


What an honor to be part of an organization that provides access and transparency to our community members!


Jeremy Isenhart, GRTV Station Manager

I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2013 to complete a degree in Sustainability Studies.


During my time here I have worked with the Middle Colorado Watershed Council, the City of Aspen Environmental Health Department, the Canary Initiative, and Steve's Guitars in Carbondale. 


I find myself at GrassRoots after having worked with staff on projects pertaining to Aspen's compost program, SCRAPS.

I live with my beautiful daughter, Jalen, and when I'm not at GrassRoots you can find me climbing, hiking, skiing, or playing music at your local live music joint.  

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