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Jerry Bovino, a native New Yorker, is a retired retina surgeon living in Aspen, Colorado. He attended medical school at the University of Buffalo, where he was graduated first in his class. He completed an internship in Internal Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC, an Ophthalmology residency at St. Lukes hospital of Columbia University, and a fellowship in Retina Surgery at the University of Iowa. Dr. Bovino was a founder of the Vitreous Society, invented the intraoperative use of the laser in retinal detachment surgery, and edited and wrote the world's first textbook of Macula Surgery. The "Founder's Award" of the American Society of Retina Specialists is a named-lecture in his honor, and Dr. Bovino was the first American to win the prestigious Zivojnovic award from the European Vitreoretinal Society.

Jerry enjoys skiing, high altitude mountaineering on rock and ice, and hiking and biking. Dr. Bovino is also a multi-engine, instrument-rated pilot. He has also successfully produced four Hollywood feature films. Dr. Bovino is past President of the board of Grassroots Television. Most importantly, he loves people and he cherishes his family and his life in the mountains in Aspen.

 The Jerry Bovino Show is about people in Aspen who aren't necessarily rich or famous, but who make up the fiber and fabric of our town. The premise of the show is that "everybody has a story," and that every person is interesting, if you find out what really makes them tick.

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