2016-2017 Aspen High School Boy’s Basketball vs. Moffat County
Aspen High School presents: Graduate Perspective on College Life and their AHS Experiences (2017)
Aspen Leafs Hockey presents: Weekly Wrap-Up "Goalie by Garman" with Mike Garman and Host Shaun Hathaway
Aspen Valley Hospital, Aspen Medical Care, and Christina Miller, MD present: “How Not to Die” with Dr. Greger
Fat City - "The End of an Era" with Ginny Dyche and Host John Masters
Healthy Lifestyles - "Discovering Your Authentic Self" with Dr. Tom Lankering and Cynthia Clark
Medicine in the Mountains - "How Not to Die - Cooking Show" with Ginny Dyche, Dr. Christina (Chris) Miller, and Sandy Holmes, RD
Naturalist Nights “Balancing Outdoor Recreation with Wildlife Conservation in Protected Lands” with Sarah Reed, Ph.D. & Sarah Thomas, Ph.D.
The AMS Show - "Aspen Animal Shelter" with Seth Sachson and Odin Thomsen
The AMS Show - "Aspen Family Connections" with Katherine Sand, Ericka Dries, and Host Elle Baker
The AMS Show - "Colorado Avalanche Interview" with Scott Toepfer and Host Lily Justice
The Aspen Words presents: Winter Words with Azar Nafisi
The Jerry Bovino Show - "The Art Diva" with Heidi Zuckerman and Host Jerry Bovino
Theater Masters - "Talking Theater" with Marvin Gonzalez, Kristen Field, Yi Hsuan Tseng, and Julia Hansen




The GrassRoots Community Network has provided and nurtured open communication among the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley since 1972.  

Community members and guests continuously use GrassRoots to cultivate civic engagement, lifelong learning, healthy living, spiritual development, environmental consciousness and community cohesion.  

The GrassRoots board and staff are the caretakers and operators of this unique and authentic community treasure.