Arn Menconi - "Vijay Prasad on Saudi Arabia & U.S. Role in Human Right Violations"
Art Matters - "Talking Art with AAM Young Curators 2016" with Heidi Zuckerman, Sari Behr, and Mae Houston
Live On Location: Bobby Mason with Geoffrey Morris and Greg Cooperman at Steve's Guitars
Medicine in the Mountains - "Vaccine - Preventable Diseases in Children" with Ginny Dyche and Mary Harris, MD
None of the Above: Fixing Dysfunction in Government Operations, with Author William Eggers; and Abbey Smith of Ballotpedia.org on School Board Election
Roaring Fork Veterans' History Project - "SP5 Steve Child, U.S. Army"
Talking Trashy - "Commercial Compost" with Jack Johnson, Liz O'Connell, and Wendy Mitchell
The AMS Show - "Aspen School District Safety" with School Resource Officer Brian Stevens
The Aspen Community School presents: "The Sunday Funnies" at The Wheeler Opera House
The Local's Show - "I'll Take Your SCRAPS" with Erik Skarvan, Jack Johnson, and Liz O'Connell




The GrassRoots Community Network has provided and nurtured open communication among the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley since 1972.  

Community members and guests continuously use GrassRoots to cultivate civic engagement, lifelong learning, healthy living, spiritual development, environmental consciousness and community cohesion.  

The GrassRoots board and staff are the caretakers and operators of this unique and authentic community treasure.