"Foods for Protecting the Body and Mind" with Neal Barnard, M.D.
"The Lens of Ken Burns" at the Aspen Insitute
Conscious Times - "Racing Extinction" with Louie Psihoyos, Chip Comins, and Kendall Cafritz
Fat City - "Freak Power" with Bob Braudis, D.J. Watkins, and Hinton Harrison
Habits of Happiness - "Mindful Moments in Daily Life" with John Bruna and Laura Bartels
"The Buddhist View of Happiness" with Geshe Phuntsho
Pitkin County Landfill on the Local's Show
Pitkin County Republicans presents: William Tobey on Nuclear Proliferation and the Proposed Iran Nuclear Deal
Temple Grandin - "How to Keep Livestock Calm During Handling"
Temple Grandin: "Autism and My Sensory Based World"
The Gonzo Gallery Liberty Salon Speaker Series - Robert Egger in conversation with D.J. Watkins



The GrassRoots Community Network has provided and nurtured open communication among the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley since 1972.  

Community members and guests continuously use GrassRoots to cultivate civic engagement, lifelong learning, healthy living, spiritual development, environmental consciousness and community cohesion.  

The GrassRoots board and staff are the caretakers and operators of this unique and authentic community treasure.