Aspen Leafs Hockey presents: Weekly Wrap-Up "Summing It Up" with Kalle Valiaho and Host Shaun Hathaway
Aspen Valley Hospital, Aspen Medical Care, and Christina Miller, MD present: “How Not to Die” with Dr. Greger
Fat City - "The End of an Era" with Ginny Dyche and Host John Masters
None of the Above - “The End of White Christian America” with Robert Jones (Part II); 2016 Ballot Access Year in Review (Part I) with Richard Winger; Candidate Interview with Travis Christal
The AMS Show - "Dick Butera Interview" with Dick Butera and Joseph Baker
The Aspen Institute presents: “I Am Not Your Negro Panel Discussion”
The Jerry Bovino Show - "The French Connection" with Ghislaine Rey, Philippe Stouvenot, and Host Jerry Bovino
The Wilderness Workshop & ACES presents: Naturalist Nights “Public Response to Fire Mgmt Conventional Wisdom vs. Reality” with Sarah McCaffrey




The GrassRoots Community Network has provided and nurtured open communication among the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley since 1972.  

Community members and guests continuously use GrassRoots to cultivate civic engagement, lifelong learning, healthy living, spiritual development, environmental consciousness and community cohesion.  

The GrassRoots board and staff are the caretakers and operators of this unique and authentic community treasure.