"Grassroots Community Network is the best way for us to capture and present the essence of the Wheeler Opera House to the viewing public.  It’s great fun for us and – we hope – for our locals and guests that tune in.  How great to have such a supportive and user-friendly media station to help get the word out on our unique venue

-Gram Slaton, Executive Director Wheeler Opera House

"Through 'Art Matters!', Grassroots provides an opportunity to make aspects of Aspen Art Museum programming accessible beyond the museum walls, and to engage viewers in a dialogue about contemporary art locally and around the globe."


If it weren't for Grassroots Community Network, I'd have to PERSONALLY come to your house with a VCR and a box of unlabeled tapes and make you watch my latest video comedies.  Be thankful that community TV keeps that from happening, because I'm one of those guests who don’t know when to leave.

"Television is one of the most powerful forces man has ever unleashed upon himself.   The quality of human life may depend enormously upon our efforts to comprehend and control that force."

"Grassroots Community Network is the one vehicle for free speech in Aspen that is not tainted by commercial interests.  It's a television station by the community for the community."

"GrassRoots Community Network is a venue for artistic freedom and expression which does not exist on any other channel.  It’s a place for voicing opinions and interests, and enables people to produce shows and broadcast them at prices that allow access to everyone."