What is Ski Bum Theater?  Ski Bum Theater is a strange, high altitude blend of Wayne’s World, Mystery Science Theater, and local Chicago area ski travel shows from the 70’s.  The show is hosted by: Edgy Galende and Dutch Twoplanker.  No where else on the television spectrum would allow the non-sensical brilliance of Ski Bum Theater on a regular basis.  That and we know the management, who are OK dudes...

On the very first episode of Ski Bum Theater, at around 4 am, when we went to START our first taping, we looked around and realized that we didn’t have a crew anymore, so we grabbed a guy named Social who was napping nearby, and showed him how to use the switcher. Our cameraman was a Bolivian janitor named Hector.

Favorite cast episode: “Banned in Snowmass”.  (2004) Someday, the rest of the world will catch up to The Bums, who astutely predicted the banning of everything fun someday in Snowmass.  Read the papers, and you will see what I mean...

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