Mission Statement & Values

The GrassRoots Community Network Vision

We believe that the health of our community depends on inclusive communal problem solving.  Just solutions are only possible with the active participation of, and free flowing communications between, literate citizens and their organizations.

GrassRoots Community Network provides an egalitarian, apolitical and non-judgmental community media resource where democratic ideals are protected and nurtured.  GrassRoots Community Network enables and encourages citizens to participate in civil discourse, experimental content creation, free personal expression and open access to electronic media distribution.

GrassRoots Community Network weaves together the interests and needs of politically separate but geographically and economically linked counties, municipalities and neighborhoods into a single Roaring Fork Valley community.  It helps dissimilar individuals understand their common challenges, needs, values and dreams.

This citizen-determined communications link between individuals, their organizations and the community at large enlivens our freedoms of speech and assembly from abstract guarantees into powerful tools for creating and sustaining a healthy, vital and progressive community.

Mission Statement

“To protect and nurture channels of open communication for the citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley.”