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Welcome to CGTV

Here is a little background

Community Government Television channel 11 is a designated government access channel intended to provide information about Pitkin County, Town of Snowmass Village and City of Aspen government initiated services, programs, and activities.

Before it’s launch in 2005, public meetings from the City of Aspen, Town of Snowmass Village, and Pitkin county were shown on GrassRoots TV.  These meetings aired only once in addition to their live broadcast at unpredictable times.  The varied length of these meetings presented programming challenges for GrassRoots TV.  

With the activation of CGTV channel 11, the airtime that was taken up by various government meetings on GrassRoots TV channel 12 & 82 is now available for public access programming.  Activating Channel 11 also yielded the huge benefit of predictable air times for government meetings in all day parts of the schedule.  Interested viewers now have several opportunities throughout the week to sit in on council meetings that they might otherwise not be able to attend.

CGTV is much more than a simple “meeting channel."  Public Relations officers form each jurisdiction produce relevant programming on important community issues ranging from Historic Preservation, Flu Prevention, and Airport Operations to Water Quality, Public Transportation, and forestry.

The same opportunities to communicate their own specialized message exist for each individual government department.  A video messaging system entirely dedicated to information on government programs, events, announcements, and more is among the benefits realized under a stand alone government channel.  Each department has the ability to post messages empowering them with complete control over message design and content.

 The bulletin board also has a crawl feature that displays moving text across the bottom of the screen and a “coming up next” block that automatically updates the viewer as to the next program scheduled to air.  The ability to broadcast live on channel 11 from each jurisdiction’s meeting chambers has been employed to get time sensitive information out to the public as well as live meetings as they happen.

The result is a specialized source of government information as well as an easily accessible venue for those who wish to witness and participate in the workings of their local governments.  CGTV enables each participating government entity to effectively communicate with it’s constituency and all who are so inclined to stay connected with their elected officials and the various departments of each government.